So, you’ve gone through the breakup and you’re trying to get back with your ex, and you’re probably wondering what to write on a letter to your ex girlfriend to win her back.

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Well, you will want to think about what it was that caused you to breakup in the first place. Spend a good amount of time really thinking about it. You will want to address this in the letter you write. That really is a big benefit of writing a letter. You get the change to state everything you want without being interupted or getting into an argument.

You will also want to take this time of trying to win her back to man up. And by that I mean take responsibility for the stuff you did wrong. This letter will need to be free of any pointing fingers or name calling. You’re not out for blood or to get even, or to make yourself feel better. This letter is all about getting her back. And how you write the letter and the words you use will be a big factor.

letter to ex girlfriend to get her back

You will also want to state all the reasons you believe you two broke up, plus what you plan do to about it. If you can show her that you realize what went wrong and what you’re willing to do to fix it, that will be a step in the right direction. Women like to see a guy who take responsibility and show they are willing to admit their wrong doings and even more importantly, fix them.

A big tip when it comes to writing a letter to get your ex girlfriend back is to actually hand write it yourself. It makes the letter so much more personal then a print out or worse, an email. When you write it out on paper in your own handwriting, it will make it look like you spent a good amount of time on it, and you will probably have at that point.

Want a good example of what to write on a letter to your ex girlfriend to get her back

Win Her Back – Learn what it takes to get her back, and keep her this time!.?

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