Many believe that it is just normal for husbands and wives to fight over things. Even small issues like who is going to fetch the kids in school can lead to endless discussions. But what they do not know is that they should not allow this to happen every day or else, this will ruin the quality of their marriage. If you are one of those wives who are willing to do everything to keep the relationship for a lifetime, you have to seek marriage advice for women from experts or even from books and web sites online. They are too many. Here are some of them:

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1. Hug (and kiss) your husband each day.

Do not forget to give your husband a hug and a kiss each time one of you leaves. This does not only show your affection to one another. This also serves as a constant reminder that both of you are bonded by love—not by marriage alone. You can likewise hug him while talking before bedtime and even when one of you is stressed. A mere embrace can lighten the emotional burden that either you or your husband carries inside.

Some husbands mistake hugging and kissing as signs of the wives wanting to have sex. Hence, they tend to keep away from their partners whenever they are not in the mood. This therefore diminishes their connection or closeness. If these include your spouse, change his belief by constantly giving him embraces and kisses without ending in sex. He will get used to them in no time.

2. Celebrate important days of your lives together.

It is your birthday, go out on a dinner date with your husband or prepare a special dinner for him inside your bedroom. Create a romantic setup. It is his birthday, travel out of town. Stay in a beach house for two days. You can leave the children with your in-laws or parents. It is your wedding anniversary, buy him a gift. As they say, all these will keep the fire burning between you and your husband. He will also feel valued. Because he appreciates what you are doing, he will do the same for you.

3. Avoid nagging.

Anyone can make mistake—even your husband or you. Do not nag him, especially in front of the children. If you are mad, talk to him inside your bedroom. You can shout if it can help unload the pain inside your heart but make sure that it will not be heard outside. The moment you are able to say your ‘piece’, listen to him. Try to understand his side of the story. After this, forget about it or you will tend to nag him about the same topic again and again. Both of you will not be able to move on until the relationship is no longer healthy and peaceful.

4. Treat him as your best friend.

He is your best friend now because he is the one who is beside you every day. He is the one you can joke around and tell your stories even until the wee hours of the morning. More importantly, he is the one whom you can share your dreams and even your frustrations. Try to do everything to keep the friendship even after marriage. A relationship bonded by friendship is better because it guarantees stability.

Marriage should be well taken care of. It carries a lot of responsibilities but it also involves a lot of challenges that both you and your husband should survive. Consider this marriage advice for women to be your useful guide.

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