How to Make Tattoo Ink from Ashes

Making ink from ashes is old-fashioned, and although it functions, it’s not the very best way for ink.


1 Search for a choice. Though this works, it’s not 100% secure!


2 Obtain a clean bowl that is fire-resistant.

Obtain clean white paper (biodegradable is finest).

4 Melt the paper in the dish as well as collect the ash (make certain there is no wind).

  • You will need to melt a lot of paper to get sufficient ink for an easy tattoo.
  • Picture titled Make Tattoo Ink from Ashes Step 4Bullet1.

5 Add water and also combine with the ash (this is difficult – you have to utilize equal parts making an ink water-like, yet still thick sufficient to stick to your pin).


6 Dip the pin in your ink like a quill, and also tattoo.


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