Losing leg weight can take specific exercises to lose it along the calf as well as thigh. If you are thinking about wearing that short skirt in the holiday season or a bikini in the summer, or even as a man you feel you’re legs are too bulky with fat, it’s about time you revamped your exercise routine and pushed in some of your exercises to start losing leg fat.

If you want to lose calf fat, it requires a separate set of exercises than losing leg fat along the thigh or hips. Calves raises particularly help in getting them in to shape if you have not heard of them till now. Also to make it more productive and strenuous you can always add weights to your ankles while calf raises or cycling. We won’t recommend while running or you may hurt yourself around the ankles.

Losing leg weight to get them shapely can be aided in a big way if you do squats regularly. The secret to a sexy booty with shapely legs even from the celebrities lands up at squats. They have been tried, tested and proven to be highly effective. Also, running and jogging are long standing champions for losing leg weight. If you feel you can only take out time for one exercise a day, you must do brisk walking for about forty five minutes. This will help lose calf fat and weight up till your hips as well.

Also, pay attention to your diet. A lot of times people are susceptible to putting on weight on lower portion of their body. Eating a lot of fatty foods and carbohydrates can send your hips and thighs looking broad. If you are looking at losing leg weight, give yourself an adequate lean diet which provides nutrition and keeps you from going for junk.

Lastly, if you are a gym freak, make sure you do not touch weights for a while. You want to lose some before you tone and hone. Using weights or pumping iron will only give you a bulky looking body. Use diet and cardio exercises to lose weight. Once you feel you are a few pounds lesser and have the shape you want to maintain, get to those weights to get rid of any loose fat giving to give you tone look. Cardio first and then weights is necessary to get in shape. Cardio alone will otherwise lose you the weight but not rid of the excess jelly fat. If you must take advice from a trainer to get cardio and weights exercises to suit weight loss on legs.


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