You had a grand, fairytale-like wedding. You and your dear looked like a royal pair that day. Everyone adored your union. While you, you were so overwhelmed that you started to dream about how both of you will live the so-called ‘happy ever after’.

Or so you thought.

Just like a former royal couple in history, your marriage is now on the verge of breaking up after only a few years. You and your partner are not in speaking terms anymore. You seem to be strangers in your own home. What is the reason, you may ask. As far as you can remember, it only started in one petty fight that led to another (and another) until both of you get used to ‘exchanging blows’. If not for the kids, the separation may have happened already. If not for the love that you try to hide from each other, there is no sense in staying in the same house. But why keep the love to yourself when you both can learn how to save your marriage? The steps are easier than you think they are:

1. It is time to talk.

Communication will be your best weapon to save your marriage. There is no sense in finger-pointing. Just go straight to the point by asking this: “Do you still love me?” He will be startled soon as he hears this but certainly his heart will met as he looks at you and says yes. Afterwards, throw your second question: “Are you willing to give this marriage a second chance?” Soon as he answers yes, hug him. Surely you miss each other so much so this is the part where talk should end and something sweet and sexy must take place.

2. Become sensitive to the needs of your partner.

In a relationship, it is very important that you are aware of the needs of your better half. He will like it that way. Serve him with his favorite dishes every day, give him a massage every night and a lot more. Give him your personal attention.

3. Make every weekend a family day.

Your union will be stronger if you spend both of your time with kids every weekend. By regularly going on a movie marathon, having picnics, shopping at the mall and others, you and your partner will be focused on nurturing your marriage. Your children will be the pillars that you both need to ensure stability.

4. Spend some time together.

If you set a time for your children, you should also see to it that you fix a specific schedule so you and your beau can spend some moment together—without the kids. Make it every Friday night so there is no school to worry you the next day.

You can see a movie or have a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant. You can also watch concerts. Every wedding anniversary, you and your dearest can likewise travel out of town. All these will keep the fire burning between you and your honey. Do not forget to leave your kids to caring relatives though.

Knowing how to save your marriage is essential if you do not want to put everything that you have to waste. It is also more important to bring joy to your kids because they will live in a happy family.


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