Leg fat can greatly affect one’s appearance.  Even after undergoing strict dieting and exercise regimens, many people continue to struggle with the problem and do not know how to lose leg fat.  As with all things related to one’s health and appearance, the principal ingredient needed for success is motivation followed by a plan.  Most fat, especially that which creates unsightly bulging, occurs on the thighs, so your plan should focus on how to lose thigh fat fast.

The first step on your “How to Lose Leg Fat” plan involves your diet.  Be it the legs, belly, arms or any other area of the body from which you wish to shed fat, you must first begin a process of reducing overall fat accumulation.  The human body does accumulate and shed fat selectively; it will do so uniformly wherever fatty deposits are found on your body.  This distribution of fat throughout your body is determined by genetics.  So, in order to lose thigh fat fast, you must first decrease your caloric consumption and increase your metabolic rate.  This will start a comprehensive process of fat loss which, of course, includes the legs.

This is not done by starving yourself.  It is accomplished by reducing the calories that come from fat and sugar in your diet, choosing healthier foods, avoiding carbohydrates in the three hours prior to going to bed and increasing your daily activity level.  Consulting with a nutritionist or dietician will provide you with an accurate caloric intake target to ensure fat loss, but a rule of thumb would be that 12-13 calories per pound of body weight should be consumed in order to remain healthy and produce the desired daily fat loss.

“Wait a minute,” you might say, “if I cannot make my body shed more fat from my legs than elsewhere, how will I trim down my legs?”  Do not despair.  While it is true that metabolically your body will draw energy from fat tissue uniformly as opposed to selectively; there are exercises to lose thigh fat that can be employed as part of your daily activity.  These exercises should be aerobic in nature, such as walking, jogging, or cycling.  You want to avoid resistance exercises on the lower body as this will bulk up muscle and actually make your unshed leg fat more pronounced.  Engaging in activity that tones the lower body and burns calories will get you to your goal faster.  One of the easiest exercises to lose thigh fat is the leg squat.  You can do them anywhere and completing three sets of twenty squats 3-5 times per week is enough.  Remember, any more and you begin to cross the threshold from toning to bulking.

Of course, there are far more specialized methods pertaining to the process of how to lose leg fat.  The gambit includes personal trainers, defined fitness routines and customized diets.  All of these are effective, but are also more involved in terms of money and time.  For those wanting to go at it alone and for whom motivation is in ample supply; decreasing your daily calories, improving the nutritional quality of the food that you eat and employing aerobic exercise that focuses on the lower body will produce the result of losing your leg fat.


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