Ok, so you broke up with your girlfriend, and you have now realized that you want to get her back. And it doesnt really matter if you just broke up with her, or if you have been broken up for a while and have already dated other women. One way or the other, you have decided to win her back, but now face the difficult question, how to get the love of your life back. Well, it can be done with some simple steps, and in some situations it can be done rather quickly.

First off, you want to enjoy yourself. And by that I dont mean go out and break other girls hearts, but just have a good time and make sure any girl you do hook up with understands this. You’re not looking for a meaningful relationship when you still have your ex on your mind. But going out will do a couple of things for you. One, it will help get your mind off of things, which will in turn help you look and feel more relaxed and in control. Second, if word gets out to your ex, it might spark a little jealousy, which can work in your favor. This step in getting the love of your life back can be pretty fun.

The next bit of advice might be pretty obvious, but start working out if your not already. Working out and taking care of yourself will work wonders for your self esteem, plus it will make you look pretty good too. Working out can also relieve a lot of stress and help take your mind off of things, especially her. This is another fairly simple thing you can do in your quest to win her back.

The last thing I would recommend doing is looking over the relationship you did have and try to break it down and figure out what went wrong. If it was something you did that caused the relationship to fall apart, then you need to man up and take responsibility. You will never be able to have a solid relationship with her if you dont start from the bottom on up. If it was something that she did, then you need to be ready and willing to forgive her. This maybe the most difficult task in getting back the love of your life.

Once you hve thought about everything and you think you are ready, practice what you are going to say to her before you call. Role playing is a strategy used by a lot of sales people and really works. It will allow you to think of what to say without having to worry about messing up. Once you do that, give her a call and see what happens. If it sounds like she is ready, then ask her if she would be willing to give it another shot. Thats how to get the love of your life back.


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