You are in deep pain. You just cannot believe that your partner cheated on you. You cannot help but feel sorry for yourself. Your boyfriend is asking for your forgiveness. He said that he has done it just one time and he will never do it again. He is right. Once is somewhat tolerable than serial cheating. But how can you possibly learn how to fix a relationship after cheating?

1. Calm down.

The very first thing that you should do is to calm down. This is to help yourself think efficiently on how you and your dear boyfriend can still save the relationship. Do not allow your emotions to get in the way.

2. Ask yourself: Can you still give him your 100 percent trust?

Ask yourself this question: Are you still capable of giving your 100 percent trust to him? If he is not with you, you think you will be at peace? If your answer is “Yes” to these two questions then it is but right to stay in the bond. This is because you still have your heart with him.

3. Will you give yourself time to grieve over his cheating to be able to forgive and forget?

Do you still need time to think things over? If yes, then do it. Tell him that you can give your forgiveness but he has to give you time to deal with your feelings. Yes, do not be afraid to tell this to him directly. You are only being honest. This is better than not trying out. You have to manage yourself first before you will be able to successfully manage the relationship again, and before you can forgive and forget.

4. Evaluate your relationship.

This is essential to work things out. Dig into the issues that both of you have ignored; hence, the cheating. Likewise, check yourself. How did you treat him before? Do you give enough time for him? Are you able to attend to his needs? Soon as you find the answers to these questions, you and your boyfriend will know what to do.

5. Keep the love alive.

Soon as both of you have agreed to fix the relationship, it is time to do ways on how to keep the love burning. Spend more time with each other. Give gifts. Celebrate significant dates in your lives. Talk regularly. Meet the needs of each other. More importantly, express your love for each other.

Saving a relationship is easier said than done. It takes a lot of courage for one to be able to do it—especially if the problem concerns cheating. Infidelity is the most hurting and depressing cause of a shaky union. It shows dissatisfaction with the partner. Hence, it is not something that it easy to forget and work on. More often than not, couples opt to part ways. They do not have room for forgiveness when deception becomes the reason. It is difficult to trust anymore. So, they easily throw everything away. Will you do the same way?

If you think that you and your boyfriend also shared good things and made significant contributions to your lives, try to give your partnership a chance. Study how to fix your relationship even after cheating. This is better than opting to throw away everything that you both shared.


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