At some point in time in anyone’s life, we get to experience one of life’s less enjoyable experiences: the breakup. And with the breakup comes the age old question, how do I get back together with my ex girlfriend. And unlike most other things in life, when it comes to breaking up, the more it happens to you, the more difficult it gets.

And after a breakup, the natural instinct is to want to get her back., unless the breakup was a bad one, or she is just a complete psycho. Even then, there are times you’ll still want crazy back. But I would avoid that at all costs. Unhealthy relationships are not good for the soul, and you’ll just usually end up constantly breaking up and making up. Consider yourself lucky if she broke it off with you, and run for the hills! Getting back together with a crazy ex girlfriend is more trouble then its worth. But if you still want to learn some good tips on bait to get ex girl friend back, then keep reading.

If you had a somewhat healthy relationship at one point in time, and are still wondering how do I get back together with my ex girlfriend, don’t worry, it is quite possible. Note how I said possible and not guaranteed. Remember, no matter what you learn or what you do to win her back, you can’t force your ex girlfriend to get back together with you. But if you play your cards right, and learn the right way to win her back, you’ve just increased your odds a lot. And if you do it right, you can use bait to get ex girl friend back!

So the burning question is, how to get your ex girlfriend back without totally screwing it up? First, you need to think why it is you two split. And you need to find the real reason, the root cause if you will. Something else to keep in mind is the time factor. You don’t want to rush trying to get back together with your ex, but you can’t take too much time either. Remember, you two broke up, she is back on the market.

I know it’s going to sound like a simple and common instruction but apologize. And not just “I’m sorry”. You’re going to have to dig deeper than that if you want to win her back. Your apology has to be sincere and from the heart. And make sure you apologize for the right reasons. One last thing to keep in mind when you’re saying sorry is to keep your cool. Your ex might bait you into another argument, but don’t do it. If you can keep your cool and swallow your pride, that alone will impress her. Or at least it should.

If you think apologizing is all that you’re going to need to do to get back together with your ex, you got another guess coming. While apologizing is a huge step, you’re going to need to know more info. I would highly recommend you check out this guide to make sure you do everything right. You only get one shot at winning her back. Don’t mess it up. There is a right way on the ”how do I get back together with my ex girlfriend” process.


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