When you find yourself in the situation where you are still in love with your ex, but shes not in love with you, it can be pretty hard to deal with. But “how can I tell if my ex is still in love with me?” I hear you asking. Well, dont assume that your ex isnt in love with you. I mean, she might have said that she doesnt love you anymore, and that can still be quite possible, but it is also quite possible that she is still in love with you too. In most cases, when a couple breaks up, there are still definitely feelings there.

And if you can say to your self that you are still in love with her, you have a pretty good chance of her still being in love with you. But before you go and try to win her back right away, step back and analyze the relationship first. Lets face it, you did break up for a reason. And even if she was the one doing the breaking up, you still really need to think about why it was she wanted to break up. And whatever you do, dont let the pain from the breakup cloud your judgement.

Now, if the breakup was a mutual thing, it doesnt make things any easier. There will still be plenty of moments when you feel like you are missing something, and that something being her of course. Either way, you will still want to really look at why you two broke up, and figure out if getting back together is really what you want. You may want to give it a few days so that your emotions are completely distorted.

If you’re one of the lucky few who actually has an ex that wants to get back together with you, you still need to be very cautious. Never forget that you broke up for a reason, and those reasons need to be figured out and worked out before getting back into another relationship with her, or otherwise you will end up right back where you are now.
What happens most of the time to a couple that breaks up and gets back together is they will go through a honeymoon stage, where you are both twitter pated again. But be careful, because that will wear off and if you havent worked on your issues, you will probably break up again.

So, what do you do to make sure those problems dont come back to haunt you? Well, you can always go to couples counseling, depending on how serious you are about the relationship. Or, you can always check out this guide, which not only talks about different ways to win her back, but how to work on your problems and stay together! It will also help you answer your question of, how can I tell if my ex is still in love with me…


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