Well, you just got out of a breakup and are now faced with a tough decision, do you move on and get over her, or do you try to win her back. And of course, since your at this site, you have asked yourself, “how can I get the love of my life back?”. But let me say that neither way is easy, and trying to win her back is going to be an uphill battle. And before you even begin going after her love again, it would be in your best interest to sit down and really think long and hard about how the relationship was when you broke up, and whether or not it can even be saved. Sometimes breaking up is really the best solution.

After you have thought it through, more then likely you will still want to try and win back the love of your life. So the first thing you will want to do is apologize. And you might even be in a position where you have said “sorry” a bunch of times, but more then likely your ex didnt think you were being sincere, so all those sorry’s didnt do any good. Apologize, and make sure she understands that you mean it.

And chances are that your ex didnt take your apologies serisouly because she probably thought you were just trying to stop the breakup, which is probably true. But now that you are out of the relationship, she will probably be more inclined to listen to your apology and actually believe you.

If your in the situation where she was the one who did the wrong thing, then you need to forgive her instead of trying to force an apology out of her. When it comes to how to win her back, that will get you nowhere and fast. If you can learn to forgive her, and I mean trully forgive her, she will be able to see that. And Im not saying that you have to forget what happened, but you must be willing to forgive her if you want any chance of winning her love back.

And the reason it is important to forgive each other, is because if you do get back together with her, and you havent forgiven each other, those issues will come back, and fairly quickly. You may make it 6 months into the realtionship before you start having issues again, but chances are good that they will come back unless you have forgiven each other.

The most important factor in getting back the love of your life is to be the person she fell in love with from the beginning. I mean, lets face it, you two did get together for a reason. If you can only find that reason again, it will make getting back together so much easier, and if you can keep that in your mind, it will help you two stay together further on down the road. If you need more ideas on “how can I get the love of my life back?”, I suggest you check out this guide. It has a lot of helpful ideas on winning her love back. I hope this helps you and answers your question of, how can I get the love of my life back.


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