How to Heal a Keloid

A keloid, or keloid scar, is a skin growth that occurs when an individual’s body produces too much mark cells after an injury. Keloids are not dangerous, but for lots of people they are a cosmetic problem. Keloids can be challenging to deal with, so the very best choice is to avoid them to begin with, but there are a number of medical therapies available that could help in reducing or even eliminate keloids.

Part 1 Looking for Medical Therapy

1 Talk with your physician regarding cortisone injections. A series of cortisone injections provided to the keloid every four to eight weeks by a physician could generally reduce the dimension of the keloid as well as make it flatter. However, occasionally they could trigger the keloid to become darker in color.

  • Interferon is another kind of shot that is being studied for the therapy of keloids, and also might be a choice for you.


2 Take into consideration cryotherapy for your keloid. Cryotherapy is an extremely effective therapy for keloids, and also could shrink them considerably. In cryotherapy, fluid nitrogen is applied to the keloid to freeze away the excess cells. Cryotherapy only takes a couple of minutes and can normally be done in your medical professional’s workplace. A number of therapies spaced several weeks apart might be had to completely get rid of the keloid.

Ask your skin specialist concerning laser therapy. Laser therapies for keloids are fairly new as well as have actually not been researched as long as various other therapy options, but they show pledge of decreasing or healing keloids. Different sort of laser therapies work a lot better on different skin types, and on different kinds of keloids. Ask your dermatologist if she believes laser therapy may be right for you.

4 Consider having your keloid mark operatively got rid of. Physicians hesitate to remove keloids operatively, due to the fact that there is a high opportunity of additional scar tissue forming at the site. However, in many cases it may be valuable or necessary.

  • If you have a keloid surgically removed, be sure to adhere to all the after-care guidelines meticulously to avoid a brand-new keloid from developing.

Speak to your medical professional regarding radiation treatment. It seems extreme, however radiation has actually been successfully utilized for over a century to alleviate keloids, commonly in mix with surgical treatment or various other treatments. In spite of issues over an increase in cancer cells risk, a current research study indicates that radiation stays a safe alternative if suitable preventative measures (protecting cancer-prone cells) are made.

  • Radiation treatments are generally outpatient procedures executed at your local health center under the care of an experienced radiologist.

Part 2 Alleviating Keloids in your home

1 Usage treatment when attempting at-home solutions for keloids. Safe treatments to shrink keloids consist of stress (silicon pads) as well as the application of healing materials. Do not try to physically get rid of or shrink a keloid yourself by reducing, fining sand, restricting it with string or elastic band, or using any other method that shocks the skin. Not just are you likely to see additional mark tissue form at the website, you could additionally place on your own at major risk for infection.


2 Apply Vitamin E to the keloid. Vitamin E has actually been revealed to aid marks recover, protect against keloids, and also may aid reduce existing keloids. Apply Vitamin E oil or cream to the mark twice daily, morning and also evening for 2-3 months.

  • Vitamin E oil can be bought in natural food stores, and numerous major supermarket.
  • You could likewise buy Vitamin E capsules, and also reduced them open and also squeeze the oil into the mark. Each capsule ought to be good for a few applications.

3 Use silicon gel sheets to alleviate existing keloids, and avoid brand-new ones from developing. Silicon gel sheets or “mark sheets” are self-adhesive, reusable sheets that are put on an injury website to avoid scars, or on existing scars and keloids to decrease their dimension and appearance. Silicon sheets ought to be worn over the injury website or on the existing keloid for at the very least 10 hrs daily for several months.

  • Silicon gel sheets are marketed under names such as “ScarAway,” as well as can be purchased many drug stores and numerous on-line merchants.

4 Use a topical mark lotion to heal a keloid. There are a variety of new topical therapies for healing scars that could noticeably decrease keloids. The energetic component in a number of these therapies is silicone. Look for an item labeled “mark cream” or “scar gel” and apply as guided.

Part 3 Protecting against Keloids

1 Understand the relevance of avoidance. The very best method to deal with keloids is to avoid getting them in the first place. People that currently have keloids, or that are really susceptible to obtaining them, could take special preventative measures with skin injuries to avoid keloid scares from forming.

Care for skin injuries to avoid infection as well as scarring. Take notice of also small skin injuries, as well as make certain that any type of wounds are extensively cleaned up. Apply an antibiotic lotion and also plaster to any type of open injuries, and also change the bandage often.

  • Wear loose clothing over the injury site that will not aggravate the skin further.
  • The silicon gel sheets mentioned above job well to stop keloids from developing.

3 Avoid trauma to your skin if you are prone to developing keloids. Piercings as well as tattoos can bring about keloids in some individuals. If you have established keloids in the past, or have a family history of keloids in your household, you might intend to prevent piercings as well as tattoos, or seek advice from a skin doctor prior to continuing.

Part 4 Recognizing Keloids

1 Discover how keloids form. Keloids are elevated scars that can develop anywhere on the body where the skin has been harmed. They form when the body creates excess collagen (a kind of mark cells) at the injury site. The skin injury might be large and also obvious, like a surgical procedure incision or burn, or little like a pest bite or acne. Keloids normally start to develop around 3 months after the original injury, and also can continue to expand for weeks or perhaps months.

  • Ear piercings as well as tattoos can bring about keloids in some individuals.
  • Generally keloids form on the upper body, shoulders, and top back.

2 Learn what a keloid appear like. Keloids are typically raised and rubbery in appearance, with a smooth, glossy surface area. The form of the keloid usually complies with the shape of the injury, but gradually keloids can grow past the initial injury site. Keloids can differ in color from silvery to flesh-tone to red or dark brown.

  • Keloids are typically not unpleasant, yet can create an itching or shedding experience for some people.
  • While keloids aren’t dangerous, it is essential to have them checked out by a physician making sure they aren’t a much more severe skin problem.

3 Know if you go to threat for establishing keloids. Some individuals are more likely than others to develop keloids, as well as if you have had one keloid mark appear, you are likely to establish more in the future. If you understand you are at risk, you could wish to take unique care of skin injuries to stop keloids from forming.

  • Individuals with darker skin tones are more probable to establish keloids.
  • Individuals younger than 30 are at a greater risk, specifically young adults experiencing the age of puberty.
  • Expectant females are more probable to create keloids.
  • People with a history of keloids in their family are additionally at a greater danger.

Have actually a suspected keloid analyzed by a physician. It is extremely important to have a presumed keloid examined by a medical professional to make certain that it is not something more major. Sometimes, the doctor may be able to aesthetically diagnose the keloid. In others, the doctor could want to take a biopsy of the tissue and have it evaluated to rule out cancer.

  • The majority of efficient treatments for keloids are done under a doctor’s care, and very early therapy is commonly the trick to success.
  • A skin biopsy is an easy treatment, where the medical professional eliminates a tiny sample of skin cells and also sends it to a lab to be analyzed under a microscopic lense. It can frequently be carried out in the medical professional’s workplace at the time of your browse through.

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