How to Get a Tattoo on Your Fingers

A tattoo done on the fingers is a distinct selection of positioning for a long-term ink design that will certainly be quickly seen. Select how as well as where you desire a finger tattoo to be done prior to you decide to devote to it completely. Or, decide to use a momentary finger tattoo to enjoy for a couple of days or weeks.

Method 1 Choosing a Finger Tattoo

1 Select placement. Figure out where on the fingers and on which finger you ‘d like to place a tattoo, as you have numerous alternatives.

  • Knuckle tattoos are typically positioned in between either the initial as well as 2nd or second and 3rd knuckles of any kind of finger, on the level back surface. Lettering throughout numerous “knuckles” is commonly matched to this placement, which is most likely to hold ink well than anywhere else on the finger, considered that it is much less often touching other fingers.
  • Tattoos can be put on the side of any type of finger, as in where two fingers may touch when together. Small images and even words are frequently tattooed right here.
  • Ring tattoos mimic the band of a metal ring by copulating around a finger. Keep in mind that this and also other finger tattoo that has ink on the inside of the hand could more quickly obscure as well as discolor because it is frequently subjected to movement, sweat, sunlight, and also washing.


2 Select a layout for the tattoo. Come to a certain decision concerning the design of your tattoo as well as whether it will remain in different colors or black and also white.

  • Consider prominent layouts for finger tattoos, which include simple text, symbols, and also emotional or marital themed items for an imaginative alternative to standard rings and wedding celebration bands.
  • Stay clear of very detailed, comprehensive, or specific layouts, as a finger manages very little room for tattoo fine art, and also the ink could not hold different colors and information along with various other locations because of the nature of the skin. [2] With any kind of tattoo, it’s a good idea to go to a tattoo musician in your procedure of picking a style, whether you recognize with their art and want to leave even more imaginative control to them, or you want to see just how they’ll interpret a quite particular design that you want.

3 Locate a tattoo shop and musician. If you are hiring an irreversible tattoo done, do your research right into any tattoo shop you want, as well as the particular artist that will work on you.

  • Keep in mind that there are some tattoo shops and musicians who will not do finger tattoos as a basic policy, normally because they think ink does not take also to the skin on the fingers. Certainly make sure to contact the store about their plans beforehand.
  • Analyze the store itself for sanitation and also appropriate disposal methods, in addition to checking into the permit and also certifications of any type of artist. Be willing to pay more for a quality store or an artist with even more experience. If you are picking a henna tattoo or other temporary technique, look for stores that apply henna or purchase your own online or available.

Evaluate out a design before you hire it completely. Hire made use of to having a finger tattoo design by producing a temporary one as well as continuing to renovate it to determine if you still like it over time.

  • Obtain a henna tattoo with your style for something that will certainly last for as much as a couple weeks. You could have the tattoo redone or do it yourself to test it out for an also longer duration.
  • Try a premade momentary tattoo from any type of shop, or make your own using Sharpies or pens, eye liner, or nail gloss. Reapply as it subsides to examine the tattoo for a longer amount of time.

5 Think about profession limits. Keep in mind that several work markets and those hiring you might forbid visible tattoos, or noticeable tattoos might injure your possibilities at a job. Consider this prior to getting a long-term finger tattoo, as they are virtually impossible to cover or hide.

  • Those in the clinical sector, law, corporate offices, etc. are most likely to have constraints on noticeable tattoos like finger tattoos. Retail, solution, imaginative, and bodily labor markets are more probable to be approving of body ink.
  • Keep in mind that even if there are no written limitations in your current sector or one you plan to seek a work in, any kind of unanticipated task meeting in the future might be adversely impacted by tattoos. About 60 percent of human resource managers checked in 2012 stated a tattoo can impede the chance of obtaining hired.

Method 2 Getting a Finger Tattoo Done

1 Obtain the tattoo done by a professional. Go to the store you researched as well as selected, allowing plenty of time for the process of hiring the tattoo.

  • Be planned for the tattoo to injure while obtaining it done, as any kind of tattoo does. Finger tattoos could be specifically painful, as there is hardly any muscle to pad in between bones and also tendons, whereby the vibrations of the tattoo device will certainly after that reverberate.
  • Bear in mind to hold still as well as be patient, as a finger tattoo is very tiny and also needs the artist’s attention to information to complete it very carefully.

Adhere to care guidelines. Always listen to your tattoo artist and also adhere to any type of guidelines for cleaning, moisturizing, and or else managing your tattoo after application.

  • Due to the fact that the skin of the hands as well as fingers restores promptly, it’s typically suggested that you moisturize often with an unscented lotion and also avoid exfoliants or severe soaps, specifically in the initial healing duration.
  • Maintain hands clean, and also cover the tattoo with your aftercare cream and also cling wrap if you have to cover your hands with gloves of any type during healing.

Be planned for maintenance with touch-ups. Know that a finger tattoo is nearly assured to need retouching by a tattoo musician in the future in the life of the tattoo, due to “befall,” blood loss, fading, or any of the various other common issues related to tattoos on delicate skin such as this.

  • If you see obscuring in the lines of your tattoo, or components of the shade really did not take immediately after hiring your tattoo, alert your tattoo artist and also make a session for two to 4 weeks later on to go back in and also hire it cleaned up.
  • It’s always a good idea to go back to the same artist that did your initial tattoo to obtain touch-ups done, whenever possible, unless you had an unfavorable encounter with him or her.

Method 3 Obtaining a Momentary Finger Tattoo

1 Use decal or “waterslide” paper. Acquisition paper indicated for applying stickers or momentary tattoos and also create your finger tattoo on it prior to moving it to your skin.

  • Remember that any design you create on paper will appear turned as in a mirror image when you transfer it to your skin.
  • See to it that you position paper stickers exactly where you want the image to wind up, as the finger is a challenging surface to place the fixed paper on prior to it is made wet for the transfer.
  • It’s best to utilize non-toxic markers or inks for manufactureding temporary tattoos on paper.


2 Attempt a henna or airbrush tattoo. Visit a store, ask a good friend, or apply your own short-term tattoo utilizing all-natural henna ink or airbrushed paint.

  • Obtain an airbrush tattoo, which uses stencils to produce crisp styles, normally in a gradient of shades. This is commonly done by an artist with the airbrushing equipment, unless you currently possess the right materials.
  • Get a henna tattoo by going to a professional mehndi artist that can create gorgeous designs by freehand, or apply your own, for a long lasting short-term tattoo. Make certain to permit the ink to completely dry prior to rinsing, and also comply with other treatment guidelines your artist or set recommends.

3 Apply a simple pen illustration. Use a long-term pen or an eyeliner pencil, or one more comparable device, to produce a temporary design on yourself.

  • Stay clear of hazardous inks for use on your skin, particularly if you remain to reapply when your design subsides.
  • Keep the finger with the short-lived design as completely dry and undisturbed as feasible. This could be challenging as a result of the constant as well as differed usage of the hands.

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