How to Draw Your Own Temporary Tattoo

For the people of the world that want an amazing tattoo, minus the pain, the expense, as well as the incorrect outcome.


Choose an image you desire. Keep in mind: Ensure this is a picture you can attract. If you desire an actually complicated design, you are much better off seeing an expert.


2 Research study it carefully. Make certain it is exactly just what you desire.

3 Choose the shade you desire for it.

Purify the location completely.

5 Wipe a warming facial cleanser around the location.

6 Choose the color Con artist you want for it. Pat the tattoo with a tissue after every other stroke so the ink does not dispersed. Have a make up remover available, simply in case.

7 Take a good consider the tattoo. If it’s exactly how you desire it, take place. If it isn’t, after that begin over.

8 Damp a cells (not the exact same one you used before) with a cooling printer toner to close your pores with the ink in them (this seems bad, but it will certainly maintain the ink in for longer). Pat the area with it. See to it to test that the printer toner does not get rid of the ink.

Keep running your hand backwards and forwards the location up until the ink is not dispersing, your hands are tidy, and also the area is completely dry. If it disperses, make use of a make-up remover to cleanse it up.


10 Maintain doing this as the tattoo starts to fade to maintain the tattoo for as lengthy as possible.

11 Try the following if you are one of the less creatively likely people.

  • Attract your photo on the paper with some sort of heavy ink.
  • Location the image on your skin
  • Scrub alcohol on the picture.
  • Continue to rub till you can see the image. (This will be utilized as a stencil.
  • Currently outline, go back with information, hairspray will certainly maintain it on longer ).

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