How to Do a Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos are among the types of temporary tattoos. Coming from a south Asian custom, henna makes use of a paste made from the powdered fallen leaves of the Henna plant, Lawsonia inermis. Its active color, Lawsone, binds with the keratin in skin, finger nails, as well as hair. Standard henna is pulled in fragile patterns on the hands as well as feet, however modern henna is used in all kind of designs anywhere on the body. Unlike various other forms of short-term tattoos, henna does not permit a complete range of shades yet only shades of reds, browns, as well as near-blacks. The paste is used and left on the skin for numerous one hours to discolor. The discolor will progressively disappear as the skin sheds. Henna tattoos can last days to over a month depending on application and also aftercare.

Part 1 Making henna paste

Note: Begin mixing paste the day before you wish to apply the henna. It takes around 24 Hr to prepare the henna paste for application.

1 Find out how to make henna paste for making use of on the tattoo. Put 20 grams or 1/4 of fresh henna powder into a plastic bowl.


Add 1/4 mug of strained fresh lemon juice.

3 Mix the henna powder as well as lemon juice till they are entirely mixed with each other as well as no swellings of dry henna powder remain. The paste will certainly be thick, much like toothpaste or mashed potatoes.

Include 1.5 tsps sugar. Likewise include cajeput, tea tree as well as ravensara. Mix the active ingredients thoroughly. The paste solution will certainly become smooth as well as silky.

5 Cover the paste with cling wrap. Press the cling wrap versus the surface of the paste removing any kind of air pockets.

6 Allow the paste seated in a cozy location, around 75 ° to 85 ° Fahrenheit/24 ° to 29 ° Centigrade, for 1 Day to enable the color to be launched from the henna leaves so it will certainly discolor your skin deeply and also as strong as possible.

7 Include 1/4 tsp of fresh lemon juice. Add more if required. The henna paste should be smooth as well as velvety, similar to yogurt. The mehendi is currently all set to be filled in a cone or bottle.

Part 2 Making the henna paste cone

1 Make a cone for applying the henna. Cut your picked material (see Things You’ll Require below) right into a rectangle-shaped form.

  • Mylar wrap and cellophane cover make gorgeous cones. If you are utilizing Mylar tissue, maintain your hands well hydrated, as you can not roll tissue Mylar if the moisture is low and your hands are completely dry, as excessive fixed power makes the tissue uncontrollable.

Fold one edge inside.

3 Proceed rolling till the cone is formed.

Tape the joint to the cone.

5 Firm up the suggestion with tape.

Using a small spoon, ladle the henna combination right into the cone till two thirds of the cone is filled. Do not load it approximately the really leading.

7 Seal the mouth of cone with the help of tape. Now the mehndi or henna cone is ready.

Part 3 Adding the henna paste tattoo

1 Know how to make use of the cone. A cone is one of the very best tools for the professional henna musician. Cones permit you to make great lines. You could hold a cone by nestling it between your thumb, hand as well as very first finger.

  • Attempt not to hold the cone or squeeze from the suggestion end, as this will certainly damage your control as well as the paste might spill out from the sides.
  • Slowly squeeze the cone with the hand of your hand as well as fingers to produce an even line of paste.
  • For added control, remainder the weight of your hand on your little finger.

Pick a henna style. You’re currently all set to start applying it. Make use of the cone to apply the design as chosen.

Keep a combination of lemon juice and also white sugar all set in a tiny bowl. Mix 1 teaspoon sugar with 3 tsps lemon juice to prepare the combination. Concerning twenty to thirty minutes after the paste is applied, the henna will shed its shine as well as the mud will dry as well as start to split.

  • Apply the lemon and sugar mix delicately with a tidy cotton spot to that component where henna has actually been used; to make sure that the henna does not get completely dry as well as diminish. This lemon sugar blend will certainly create safety “adhesive” between your skin and also the henna. Be careful not to over saturate the paste as styles can run and also hemorrhage with each other. Apply the combination 2 to 3 times.

Wrap the painted area by packing tissue in between fingers, as well as in the palm of hand. Wrapping requirement bunches of absorptive tissue to clean up the perspiration.

  • Start wrapping cells around your hand like a mommy.
  • Wrap plastic over the cells.
  • Tape the wrap down with strapping tape.

5 Steam the henna for an added deep colour (optional). Before you prepare to get rid of the paste and also covers, hold the location over steam for 10 mins. A container of boiling water or tea pot works well or heat 2 to 3 cloves on an iron pan and place your hands over its fumes. The extra heat as well as heavy steam assistance to grow the discolor different colors.

Part 4 Eliminating the paste

1 Eliminate the covers. After the paste has actually been on your skin for 6 – 12 hrs it prepares to be gotten rid of. Peel coverings and also remove the paste. Using a paper towel and vegetable oil (corn, olive, and also canola) or lemon juice, gently abrade the dried henna paste if it is adhering to the skin. Do not use water to get rid of the paste, it could destroy the tattoo.


Allow the tattoo take. Once you have unwrapped and removed the completely dry henna paste you will certainly see an orange-yellow tattoo stain left on your skin. The tattoo will deepen right into a richer reddish-brown tone over the following 2 Days.

  • The final shade is red brownish and could last anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the top quality and also sort of henna paste applied, in addition to where it was used on the body (more thick skin discolorations darker as well as longer than slim skin). Moisturizing with all-natural oils, such as olive, sesame seed, or coconut, will additionally help expand the life time of the tattoo, as skin exfoliation is just what triggers the henna tattoo to fade.
  • It is well to prevent water for the very first 24 hours.

3 Scrub your henna/mehendi with an all-natural grease prior to showering or swimming, to secure it from water. Corn, canola, or olive oil all function well. Prevent utilizing any petroleum products such as child oil or Vaseline as they will certainly add to the death of your discolor.

  • Avoid excess massaging of the area.
  • Prevent shaving over your henna/mehendi tarnish. Cutting removes layers of skin.

Part 5 Dealing with shade troubles

After removing the Mehndi, if you really feel that the color is bad, apply a mixture of half a spoon of oil as well as lime. The color comes to be darker within 2 one hours. Yet that different colors will only last for 2 days. It is the last possible treatment. Wash your hands with fluid soap to keep the mehendi style for a longer period. Stay clear of excessive rinsing of the hands.


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