Close, respectful communication is key to maintaining a relationship. These suggestions will open the door to a stronger, healthier, and more intimate relationship.


Communicate for Better Intimacy

1. Listen carefully to your partner’s thoughts. This will help you understand them better, assist them feel understood, and enable you to work out problems together. You will acquire a much deeper understanding of their desires, requires, desires, fears etc. Listening is the first building block to intimacy.

  • Keep in mind the things your partner says– favorite foods, places, pastimes, music, colors, et cetera. Then, when you need a concept, surprise your partner by taking them out to their preferred place or purchasing them some music from their favorite artist. They will be pleased that you kept in mind.

2. Be honest about your own desires and requires. Opening up goes both ways, and if your partner can understand you well, it will make the 2 of you better.

Communicate for Better Intimacy1

3. Do not hesitate to disagree. There is nothing even worse than feeling like your voice isn’t being heard in a relationship. If you disagree with your partner, calmly explain that you feel differently. Give your partner time to discuss the method they feel, and listen closely. Then describe the method you feel. Work towards an option that makes both of you happy.

4. Be vulnerable. Revealing the whole of yourself, including your weak points and dark minutes, makes a relationship stronger and builds trust. Moreover, your partner might be able to assist fix your issue, or at least convenience you. The two of you will be more detailed after the experience.

5. Deep intimacy types emotionally, instead of physically. Invest lots of time talking and heading out to keep your relationship strong.


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