Your boyfriend is upset. You do not know exactly what to do but you are concerned. Keep reading and find out ways to comfort your upset boyfriend


Care for Your Upset Boyfriend1

1. Discover if you are just misinterpreting his actions. Is he simply tired? Does he always act by doing this but you never ever actually noticed? Learn if he is actually upset so he won’t get confused.

2. Discover exactly what’s troubling him. Is it something to do with the relationship? Is it a household issue? Is he stressed from school or work? Find out what’s bothering him so you pick the best method and option.

3. Smile. In some cases just a friendly smile can brighten his day. Do not be upset if he states something like “why are you so pleased?” that simply indicates you have to take care of him much more. Likewise hugs can comfort.

4. Offer him space. Often he will just need to work things out on his own. Leave for a while but make certain he understands you’re there for him and will talk if he wants.

5. Motivate him to talk and vent, however don’t be aggressive. You do not desire him to confuse caring with nosy.

6. Be willing to sit and talk, whether you’re on the phone, texting, or in person, let him vent out his feelings with you. Do not make reasons for anything he says and don’t bring up issues from either among your pasts. That is unless his current problems belong to the ones in the past.

7. Find a personal spot and let him sob. Want to sit with him and let him vent. Whether or not he is crying or shouting or being quiet. Sit with him up until he’s calmed down and all set to talk. If the scenario is suitable and/or you are both truly close, hold him firmly and whisper “it’s ok. I’m here.” or make shushing noises.

Care for Your Upset Boyfriend

8. Provide him a back rub or hold hands. He will feel better if he understands you do not feel unpleasant so get near him.

9. Once you are done, let him know you’re constantly there for him and you take care of him. If it holds true (and only if it holds true) inform him you love him.


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