How to Become a Hand Model

Have you ever before been informed you have stylish, photogenic hands? Being a hand version could be as arduous and extreme as being a traditional version, yet if you have just what it takes, then you could be ready to begin a remarkable occupation. If you assume that being a hand design is available of your perfectly-manicured hands, then comply with these actions.

Part 1 Satisfying the Requirements

Have camera-ready hands. Are your fingers long, your hands narrow? Do you have excellent follicles and nicely-shaped nails? Little knuckles? Those are wonderful signs that you have excellent looking hands. See to it you have a smooth, also skin tone. Don’t think makeup will, well, balance your imperfections. Birthmarks, blemishes, moles, marks, misaligned fingers, as well as irregularly shaped nails will drastically limit your development as a hand model. Pay special attention to your thumb; it’ll play a massive duty in many hand shots, so it needs to be fine-looking. Here are other things to consider:

  • Examine the rear of your hand. If you’re a woman, it needs to be slim.
  • Though ladies are more often hand designs than men, men could be hand versions as well. Merely see to it you don’t have hairy knuckles.
  • Don’t obtain prevented, though. There are a number of different kinds of hand modeling looks such as appeal, mommy, product, and also older hands.


2 Have stable hands. This is just as vital as having nice-looking hands. Can you hold a things for a prolonged period of time without leaning on anything and without trembling? Any type of activity will equate right into blurry photos, so if you locate that you can not keep your hands steady, modeling may not be the best use for them.

  • Shooting TELEVISION commercials or advertisements for your hands can take numerous hours. A 30 second place can take upwards of 12 hrs to shoot and also you need to be ready at all times and also prepared to do take after take of small activities.

Have patience. If you intend to be a hand design, after that you need to prepare to hold your hands in the specific same position for hours at a time. This suggests that you have to deal well with monotony and have truly, truly stable hands. If you’re addicted to caffeine or delicious chocolate, you might need to curb your dependency, due to the fact that these things will only make your hands shake much more. You could even exercise holding your hands steady for extended periods of time so you’ll be much more comfortable when the moment comes.

  • Persistence and the capacity to always strike your mark could be one of the most essential point. Once the electronic camera as well as lights are established, you need to have the ability to set the item down in the exact same place over and over.

Part 2 Obtaining Hired

Produce a portfolio. If you have the money to save for a profile for your hands, after that discover a professional photographer you trust to obtain you started. If you discover a digital photographer that is just starting also, after that he might work with you for a little rate, or no cost in any way, because you’ll be aiding him build his profile too. Ensure you obtain an expert manicure before you take those pictures. Here are some other things to think about as you place your profile with each other:

  • Learn common hand positions. Study magazine ads and commercials to see just how hands posture and move. Simulate those presents and movements for your portfolio.
  • Include at least one picture revealing your face to make sure that if they need a shot that includes somebody’s face, they’ll consider you (as well as so they could acknowledge you when they meet you).
  • Include a straight on shot of the back of your hands as well as the hands of your hands.

2 Write your portfolio to credible modeling agencies. Tell them that your are particularly curious about hand modeling as well as request an interview. Some firms might have a different division for hand modeling, or some companies will be parts firms particularly. Inform them that you have a portfolio as well as if they ask whether it’s professional, be truthful but specify that they mimic professional advertisements. Be pleasantly persistent till you obtain a meeting.

3 Indicator with an agent. If a broker thinks your hands have the appearance she or he desires, then congratulations! You have actually made it through a hard obstacle on the hand modeling trajectory. When you’ve obtained the market from the agent, nonetheless, you have to ensure that it’s the right for you. First off, the broker has to be reputable. A legit agent will not demand for money in advance and also will only earn money if you make money. Agents normally receive a percent of your pay, so they are encouraged to locate you work. Ensure to satisfy the broker or speak with them at length prior to you decide.

  • Look helpful for the meeting with the agent. Although you’re modeling your hands, you still wish to give off a professional perception, which means looking neat as well as great. They may send you out on calls (even more interviews) eventually, and also they’ll desire you to represent them well. If all goes well, they’ll write you to do test shots with a neighborhood professional photographer to see if you’ve got what it takes.
  • Once you have actually met the representative and also have gotten a favorable ambiance from that person, along with evidence of the agent’s legitimacy (names and examples of the job of other customers, as an example), after that thoroughly research the agreement you are given as well as authorize it when you prepare.


4 Visit go-sees to find work. Once you’ve authorized with the broker, he or she will certainly offer you with some locations to go to try to find work. These are called go-sees, similar to worldwide of typical modeling. You will certainly need to go from location to area, display your hands, and also see if you’ve got exactly what they’re seeking. Your broker will not have the ability to say, “Hey, I discovered you a wonderful gig”– he could get you to the gig, however you’ll still have to benefit it.

  • As soon as you have actually located some work, you’ll be able to include it to your resume. And the even more see you have, the more good luck you’ll have in future go-sees.
  • Be relentless. You may need to go to a variety of go-sees prior to you locate work. However if your representative believes you’ve got the appearance, after that you must be able to find job at some point.

Part 3 Doing well in Your Job

1 Take unbelievable care of your hands. If you believe your hands have obtained exactly what it takes, treat them like assets. You should be careful not to do anything that can harm your hands, from reducing vegetables to managing an arrangement of thorny roses. Right here are some things you may need to do regularly:

  • Go to a manicurist making your hands look their best. If you become actually prominent in your field, you’ll be getting regular manicures completely free prior to your shoots. As well as you’ll have the ability to cost any kind of manicures you get on your very own. Sound excellent?
  • Have a proper diet as well as beverage sufficient water so your skin is healthy. Additionally, some vitamin inequalities could show up as undesirable white spots on your nails.
  • Hydrate your hands on a normal basis. Some hand versions also copulate gloves on during the night. You could apply cream and after that wear latex gloves to make your hands additional soft.
  • Maintain your nails trimmed as well as clean. Ideally, you must constantly submit them as well as never clip them.
  • Stay clear of scratching, burning, or producing any type of marks on your hands.

2 Maintain your day job (at the very least initially). Certain, if you’re a top hand design, you’ll be making enough to survive on, yet the majority of hand models do the job to supplement their income, and even for the enjoyable experience. Be prepared to have an additional earnings as you grow much more popular in your hand-modeling occupation. Don’t be inhibited by this; it’s simply a truth of this task and also all other modeling tasks.

3 Move to a large media city. You do not need to relocate to New York to be a hand model. However if you’re actually severe regarding the job you do, after that you need to move to a big media city to have an edge. You should not go down everything and also move numerous miles away to a large city before you even take your profile shots, however if you’ve currently obtained some gigs and also want more chances to expand in your profession, after that think about relocating to one of the following cities: New york city, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, or Chicago.

Deal with any kind of object you hold like it’s made of crystal. Also if you’re holding a book or a cutting board, you ought to alleviate it like it’s the most delicate item worldwide if you intend to do well. You should deal with every product gingerly as well as with the utmost caution. This will make the object appearance even more preferable and also special in the photos or advertisements. If you hold anything also hard, after that your hands won’t look as delicate, either.

5 Prepare to be a contortionist. Don’t believe that of hand modeling needs you to just hold a handbag or an additional easy object. You might need to hold a book open for hours, or even lie on your back holding a video camera for a long stretch of time. You should be adaptable and also be prepared to hold your hands in unusual positions for a variety of hours. This could obtain laborious and will need you to have both psychological as well as physical stamina, but it will cause some extraordinary photos.

6 Appreciate the perks. If you have actually really made it as a hand model, after that the perks of the work are countless. You might end up being a hand double for a celeb, for instance; Julia Roberts used a hand double throughout The Pelican Short since she merely really did not have time to fire a scene with just her hands. This will lead you to meet celebs, directors, as well as various other appealing individuals.

  • Kimbra Hickey, the hand version for the world-famous Twilight cover, has actually arrived in her very own right. She tours with Twilight conventions, re-creates her cover position for fans, and signs hundreds of autographs. Though this kind of fame is hard ahead by, if you’re fortunate adequate to find on your own in this placement, indulge!

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