How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo

Momentary tattoos are popular among individuals of all ages, and are a much less dangerous option to actual tattoos. This is the detailed guide to remarkable application of the tattoo.


1 Select which tattoo you want to use.


2 Peel off the clear plastic surface that secures the tattoo.

3 Pick an area on your body to place the tattoo. Clean it with cotton and also alcohol.

Location the picture face-down on your body. Keep in mind how you want it to appear to other people.

Securely push a damp (however not saturating) towel or sponge over the back of the tattoo.

6 Hold it in that placement for at the very least 60 seconds. This will get you the most complete picture. Aim to move as little as feasible.

Remove the cloth/sponge.

8 Gently get hold of an edge of the paper with two fingers as well as gradually peel off a bit. If the picture looks strange or isn’t adhering to your skin, put the cloth/sponge back on and also await one more 30 secs. If it does look good, after that remain to slowly peel.


Wait one more min for it to dry, bearing in mind to not move the area you tattooed so it’ll remain smooth.

10 Your momentary tattoo is ready!


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