When you have fats surrounding your knees, this can be very unsightly. This shall make you lose your confidence and make you unable to put on the clothes you wish to wear such as skirts, shorts, dresses and swimwear.

In this article you shall find fast ways on how to get rid of fat knees.

1. To help tone your legs and remove your knee fat, you should first visit your doctor and have him check your overall health and physical condition prior to starting a workout routine. Ask his suggestions to decrease body fat, including your abdominal fat. Make sure to follow all his suggestions.

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2. Do simple cardio exercises such as brisk walking. Walk for half an hour every day to tone your thigh down to your calf. After walking, alternate this with jogging or running so as to burn fat quickly.

3. Have a diet low in fat so as to get rid of body fat, especially knee and belly fat. Eat more almonds, fruits, olives, soy, veggies and whole grains. Protein must be moderately taken but you should consume this every day.

4. Go to the gym and use their leg press machine there to tone your legs. Start with a light weight and sit on the bench provided. Your feet must be flat on a crosspiece. Shove your legs in front so that your knees and leg muscles will be exercised and then release. Perform this ten to twenty times and then gradually shift to heavier weights. Start using light weights to check whether it is too light. For resistance, check the succeeding weight level and then add weights till you can do around twenty repetitions with the level you chose. Rest for three days before doing these presses again. Do all the exercises on weight training not less than twice weekly for at least twenty minutes every session. You should rest for a day or more in between sessions.

how to get rid of fat knees

5. After utilizing the leg press machine, try the gym’s leg curl machine this time. Begin with a light weight and then place yourself at the bench with your face down. Your legs must be kept straight and your heels below the machine padding. Utilize both your legs simultaneously and then slowly pull them to your butt as far away as possible. Perform this exercise ten or twenty times.

6. The following exercise can be done at home or at the gym. You shall need a mat for this. Lie down on it with your legs kept straight. Your heels must be against the floor. Raise your left leg six inches from the ground and then hold this for five seconds. Bring your leg back to the floor and repeat this exercise ten times. Perform this with the right leg for ten times. This shall strengthen the muscles in your legs and shall tone the fat around your knees.


Knee fat can be embarrassing to display thus the need to cover them. If you follow these six ways on how to get rid of fat knees, you will be able to flaunt your legs everywhere.

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