While some would have their lips operated to look like Angelina Jolie, a lot would still go for smaller, slimmer lips. Getting rid of a fat lip is not easy. In fact, some would prefer a surgery to achieve greater results.

Spending more is not always the best choice when it comes to improving overall face appearance. So to help you increase your confidence and make you feel good and happy about yourself, here are five of the best tips you can do today to naturally reduce your lip size.

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How to Get Rid of a Fat Lip

#1 Drink lots of water

It might sound silly but drinking water can help you achieve a more natural-looking lip. The body needs to be dehydrated and 8 or more glasses of water daily will not only help you cleanse your body, help you lose weight, but give you great-looking lips too.

#2 Avoid shining, shimmering lip gloss

While celebrities would often go for shining lips with a lip gloss, if you have a naturally large lip size, going for a darker color shade of lipstick will help your lips look smaller. Lip gloss usually highlights the size of your lips, making it look even fuller and larger. So check your make-up kits today and get rid of those lip glosses.


Make-up artists would also advise those who have fuller lips to prefer a color that would match your skin tone. Visit your beauty shop today and seek cosmetic advice to achieve smaller, natural-looking lip results. If you have heard of foundation under your lipstick, you may also do that. Beauty experts have found that putting foundation directly on your lips beneath your lipstick give the appearance of smaller lips.

#3 Go For lip and Face exercises

Lip and facial exercises are also few of the best ways on how to get rid of a fat lip. In fact, studies show that daily facial exercises relax your muscles and tighten your face too. Your lips are part of your face so whenever you incorporate facial exercises in your daily regimen, expect your lips to be toned as well.

#4 Make it a habit to smile

Have you heard that frowning makes you look older? Yes, compared to frowning, regular smiling relaxes your face and improves lip size. Look in the mirror and see how smiling makes your lips thinner. Since you have to stretch your lips or your mouth when you smile, widening your lips makes it look slimmer. It might sound temporary but smiling won’t cost you a penny.

#5 Always a carry a lip balm

Aside from avoiding lip gloss, carrying a lip balm will not only help you reduce lip size but help you keep your lips looking at its best. Choose a lip balm that has SPF to shield your skin from harmful sun damage.

Using the most appropriate style and color for your lips is the most inexpensive way to achieve slimmer lips. But if you are really so desperate on finding the best way to how to cure a fat lip, consulting a beauty specialist or a surgeon might help you achieve faster results.

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